Lesbian Romance Short Stories

The House of Romance (The Hotel of Nymphos).

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Thanks for visiting my site. I am Olivia Hampshire and I generally write lesbian romance short stories. I write for fun. In my series, “The House of Romance,” I introduce Grace and Claudia who have joined forces to put together one of the most popular resort hotels on the planet called, “The Hotel of Nymphos.”

The Hotel of Nymphos is located in a small town on the Mediterranean near Barcelona, Spain. The most beautiful and interesting women in the world visit the Hotel of Nymphos to get away from the world and share time with like minds. In this series of lesbian romance short stories, you will meet lesbians of all different shapes, sizes, interests, professions and most of all, personal challenges that they are all trying to overcome.

As of the time I wrote this document, we have about 27 lesbian romance short stories all happening with the co-owners Claudia and Grace, and let’s not forget Alice the straight chef. I have put together this 17 book collection for your enjoyment.

The Hotel of Nymphos is kind of like the old TV series, “The Love Boat.” People come and go in each and every episode. You need not read one after another to understand what is going on from episode to episode. I just hate it when I read a book and find out I need to read all 38 to figure out what the series is about.

I wanted to create a series that has fun with wild and crazy things that happen in live, but in this particular lesbian romance short stories series, I wanted to touch on some of the most important personal issues that we run into that are major life changing challenges.

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Below you can read a few of the hundreds of reviews from around the world.

“Olivia, I bought your House of Romance Super Bundle and I thought I would save it and read one story a day for about a week. I thought I would spread it out. That did not happen. I started reading Saturday night and I could not stop. I read and read and read and read and suddenly, I was on Part 8. My partner showed up coming home from work very late that night and read with me for the last two. She had no problem jumping in because of the way you have set up the books. I like that you do not have to read these lesbian romance stories in order. What a blast! This is an excellent collection of lesbian romance short stories. Thank you Olivia!” Grace, Chicago, IL

“ I read ‘Opening Day,’ of course, that being the first part of the series. I thought I might have to read from one story to the next to the next to know what was going on. I was reading another lesbian romance series, and if you missed one episode, you were all messed up. Your series, ‘The House of Romance,’ is very different from any I have ever read. For me I could skip around and always know what was going on from one story to another. Plus, each story has a different view on life, and some kind of message. I really like that with the very naughty stuff you have in there too. Lots of that. I really hope you continue writing these lesbian romance short stories.” Rose, Montgomery, AL

“All that I can ask is, when are you coming out with the next House of Romance book? Eight Olivia Hampshire, lesbian romance stories are not enough!” Judy, Puerto Vallarta, MX

“I just loved all of your House of Romance pieces of work. You just take lesbian romance short stories to a different level. Sure, I´m a lesbian, but many of these writers write like all I want to read about is stupid stuff that goes on in New York or Los Angeles and stupid people having sex for no reason. I liked your messages about life and life’s challenges. You have women in your stories from all walks of life and professions. Thank you Olivia, please don’t come out of your house, just write and write and write some more.” Beverly, Cedar City, UT

“ I Olivia, I am your biggest fan, Denise from Ely, Nevada. I had never heard of your stuff or you, but then I read, ‘Lesbian Billionaire and that just did it all for me. That was just a piece of work I had not run into anyway in my reading life. Of course I had to read ‘Saudi Lesbian’ too. And then I bought your first House of Romance lesbian romance short stories series and that just did it. You make reading and thinking fun.” Marilyn, Lansing, MI

“I love all of your books Olivia. I really liked, ‘First Time Magic’. That brought back many memories about my first time and how hard I was on myself before I came out to myself and then to the world. Some of your stories are so crazy that I cannot believe you are actually saying what you are saying , but each story always tells me something different about the world and I ask myself different questions about the life that I am living. I have read many lesbian romance authors. You are number one on my list. Keeping writing please.” Amber, Springfield, MO

“Hi Olivia. Right up front I want to say thank you. Do you do lesbian romance writing classes. I hope you do because you should get together all of these other lesbian romance writers and give them a class on the real way to write a lesbian romance short story in todays world. You have excellent characters, concepts, messages about life and creativity. And the sex, love the sex too and my part is giving me a thumbs up from across the room. I loved parts 1 through 4 of the series and I was so happy to be on your email list when I got the alert this bundle was available. I loved, ‘Cop Licked’ also. Thanks again Olivia.” Danielle, Casper, WY

“Where have you been all of my life Olivia. I have been reading lesbian romance short stories for many years. You take lesbian romance to a whole different level. Many of these lesbian romance authors just write about sex and shopping. You write about life. And, you write about international life. I love the House of Romance series and I love it that you don´t have to read them in order. You set the stage very well in part one and I realize that when I read another one of your stories, it will be in the same location, Barcelona Spain, but the characters will be presented well enough for me to understand, learn and enjoy. Thanks for the Lesbian Billionaire series too. I just love Debbie Brown. ” Brittany, Topeka, KS

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Lesbian Romance Short StoriesThe Lesbian Billionaire

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I have fun writing the House of Romance Series. It is fun, sometimes series, sometimes light, always sexy. The Lesbian Billionaire series is a totally different story. It was fun creating very strong, serious, wealthy, socially conscious characters that have a goal in mind for themselves and for the world.

In this series you will meet lesbian billionaire, Harriet Rothchild and her international spy for hire, Brown, Debbie Brown. Conceptually, each of these books are stand alone adventures. You need not read them in order. You might want to start out with our first episode, “The Special.” That will introduce you to Harriet Rothchild and give you an idea of how Debbie Brown operates, or what she is about.

I put together a 5 book collection of the Lesbian Billionaire books for your reading pleasure. Some are heavy with some wild sex. I mean I cannot believe that I wrote some of this stuff myself. At the same time, some of the books are all about action and some personal challenge that someone on the planet needs some help with.

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Below you find reviews from some of the hundreds we have received for readers all over the english reading world.

“Olivia! You really out did yourself with this lesbian billionaire collection. I just love Debbie Brown and Harriet. I love them all. All of the books that is. There is always some great mystery and the love scenes are just out of this world. I love the way you add some romance in there too. I never know where Debbie Brown is going to be, or what will happen to her next.” Autumn, Cleveland, OH

“You just had me cracking up again and again in the first book of you lesbian billionaire romance collection. The part where Debbie Brown is in the barn with the chick from Alabama. And what happens to the governor is just a real trip. And the governor’s wife. Who would have thought. I just love the way that Debbie Brown has lots of lesbian romance with all types of women. Olivia, what will you think of next? Thank you so much for the first time lesbian story also in the Innocent Slave book. That was really freaky. Best to you and don’t stop writing.” Stella, Portland, MN

“I love your lesbian billionaire collection. The Saudi Princess woman was a real message. A real strong message. I know you make all of this stuff up, but I have not read anything like these books anywhere, let alone see something like this in a movie theater. Other authors that write lesbian romance stories don’t have the imagination that you have. I look forward to reading each and every book. Thank you Olivia Hampshire.” Ashley, Louisville, KY

“I had not read any of your lesbian billionaire stories until this weekend. I bought your lesbian romance collection to read riding the subway back and forth to work for this week. But, I started reading them this Friday and I just could not stop. I had read your Cop Licked book and some of the House of Romance books, but this Debbie Brown woman is just out of this world. Thank you so much for giving me such a great time.” Ruby, NY, NY

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