Lesbian Romance Short Stories

Welcome to the official web site of Olivia Hampshire, author of lesbian romance short stories. We have them all here and what are good lesbian romance short stories without some humor, mystery, suspense and drama.

When I started writing lesbian romance short stories, I just let out all of my sexual fantasies that I had wrapped up in my head for years and years but the more I wrote, the more I just wanted to share ideas about the challenges and lessons of life. Life is very strange for all of us and each and every person that we meet has some giant bag of lessons that we can learn from. So, as I created characters from all walks of life in my lesbian romance short stories yes there was sex, but more importantly, there was a big message about life and growth and freedom in each and every one.

Hotel of Nymphos

I started my lesbian romance short stories with the idea of a paradise hotel of lesbians that loved love, openness, life and sex. There is a problem I think with people in the world thinking that sex is a bad thing, that naked bodies is a bad thing, that beauty is a bad thing. The more lesbian romance short stories I wrote, the more different characters would show up from different walks of life and when they began to interact in my mind all kinds of strangeness occurred. As of the time that I write this web page, I have 17 episodes of Claudia and Grace, the owners of the Hotel of Nymphos. The covers all say House of Romance, that is a political decision I had to make and I apologize.

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Lesbian Billionaire

Not to many brilliant, generous bad ass detective lesbian spies just pop right out of my head. Who doesn’t know James Bond. James Bond had sex with every good looking woman he laid his eyes on and going from one woman to the next, he was saving the world. I wanted a lesbian bad ass that could solve a mystery, kick some ass, and make the world a better place all at the same time, thus, I invented Brown, Debbie Brown and her rich boss, Harriet Rothchild, the most wonderful and richest woman, lesbian woman in the world. Each of these lesbian romance short stories has a message for us all. At the time of me writing this web page there are 12 episodes and more to come this year and for 2016.

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GQ Lockup

Ok, I wanted to write some male, gay stories. I guess these would apparently not be lesbian romance short stories, but I have many gay guys that are friends, and most of them are brilliant. I thought why not put a few of them somewhere in the world and let them do amazing things with their ideas and talents. In GQ Lockup, Black Ops location 85 located on an island in Greece, this is where those amazing things happen.

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Lesbian Romance Short Stories

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Lesbian Romance Short Stories

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